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Innovation Space, TU/e



Student team from the Eindhoven University of Technology focusing on the development of an interactive interface for the monitoring and the simulation of green energy technologies placement on smart grids.

A whole new experience in sustainability management

Team RED is creating an interactive model that gives crucial insights into the energy systems of campuses, industrial parks and even residential areas, Starting with the TU/e campus. Energy usage data of the buildings is used in combination with the existing energy grid to create a modular and interactive model in which users can easily simulate the placement of various energy assets such as solar panels, wind turbines and storage batteries. The financial and sustainability impacts of the placement of these assets is directly visualized in the model to provide users with valuable information to make an informed decision that betters the energy system for all stakeholders.

Promotional video

Team RED boasts a multidisciplinary team consisting of students from a wide variety of personal and educational backgrounds within the Eindhoven University of Technology. This multidisciplinary focus ensures that problems and challenges are being tackled from a broad range of perspectives. The team was first introduced as an Honors Academy team from the University, as a collaboration between the Smart Cities and Energy Transition track. Six students founded Team RED in October 2017 with “RED” being the Spanish word for “Grid” or “Network”.